Update to Our Safety Precautions

We know that all most viruses are transmitted by respiratory droplets that might come in contact with your nose, mouth or eyes.  That presents some unique challenges for the dental profession, as the area you have been warned to keep covered is where we need to work. 

I would like to share with you what precautions we have in place since March 2020:

  1. Our reception area has been streamlined, with magazines and toys removed for now.  We have added a “sneeze barrier” between our front office staff and our reception area. 
  2. Surfaces such as countertops, door handles, reception chair arms, restroom surfaces, etc. will be sanitized regularly.
  3.  All staff wear masks at all times, whether they are greeting you in reception, or working in the treatment areas.  We hope that this is a temporary measure because we hate hiding our smiles!
  4. We have multiple dispensers for hand sanitizer located throughout the office, and we are happy to share!
  5. We are all “infection control” nerds here (check out my previous blog about what we were already doing for “infection control” well before Covid-19 came on the scene). If you’re the kind of person that has always used hand sanitizer in a restaurant AFTER you’re done touching the menu, or wiped down surfaces on your airplane seat and hotel room before it became fashionable—you’ll fit in just fine here!

With respect to our treatment areas:

  1. High volume air purifiers have been installed in each treatment room and in the reception area (see photo on left above).  These purifiers are designed to completely recirculate the air every 12 minutes.  Additionally, fans have been installed behind the head of each chair, to gently direct whatever droplet spray may remain in the air towards the high-powered air purifier. 
  2. In between patients, a medical grade “fogger” is used to sanitize any “aerosol” generated by dental procedures.
  3. Although we have always worn masks, we have incorporated the use of face shields for the staff.

We are proud of what we do protect our patients and ourselves.  I hope that you will feel free to ask questions about what we are doing to protect our patients as well as ourselves. Be well and we look forward to seeing you soon!

dr. marcia blazer in scottsdale, az  provides an extra level of protection using a fogger. this reduces the amount of pathogens in the air, including covid 19.
dr. blazer provides hand sanitizer in an effort to control the spread of covid 19. visit our scottsdale, az office today!



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