Below are just some of the technologies available to you at Marcia L Blazer DDS PC in Scottsdale AZ:

  • Digital X-ray System – Dr. Blazer’s office has digital xray technology.   An image of your tooth is visible in seconds, and no longer requires the use of a darkroom for developing.   More importantly,  the radiation needed to produce a good quality image  has been decreased by over 50% with digital!   Additionally, because the image is digital, it can be easily enlarged or enhanced for better diagnoses.

  • Intra-Oral Cameras – The camera we use in your mouth connects directly into the computer and is the size and shape of a wand.  It allows Dr. Blazer to see magnified close up images of your mouth and, more importantly, now  you can see what Dr. Blazer sees!!  Images can be printed for you to take home, or emailed to you.

  • Digital Cameras – For more involved dental needs, Dr. Blazer will often take a series of images, both inside and outside of your mouth.  These images will be printed and discussed with you in detail at a personalized consultation visit. She starts by looking at your smile and face overall, thinking about where we want to end up, and then figuring out what it takes to get there!

  • Ultrasonic dental cleaning- Our hygienists use state-of-the-art ultrasonic instruments to gently remove tartar from around your teeth. Patients much prefer this technique over "hand-scaling" the teeth, as it is much faster and easier. 

  • Air Abrasion Cavity Preparation - Air abrasion is a unique gentle alternative to the dental drill. Very seldom is a shot necessary, eliminating that uncomfortable lingering numbness after the appointment is over. Air abrasion works by delivering a gentle stream of air and abrasive powder, which removes decay quickly and gently. The precision of this new technology allows treatment of dental decay in its earliest stages. Tooth-colored fillings placed using air abrasion will last longer than traditional “silver” fillings because of the smaller amount of healthy tooth that will need to be removed.

  • OraVerse - Do you hate that unpleasant feeling of numbness after a typical dental procedure? Are you one of those people who remain “numb” for hours after a dental visit, unable to eat, drink or talk normally?  Well, Dr. Blazer is pleased to announce the addition of an innovative new product called OraVerse to her practice. It is the first and only product of its kind that actually reverses the effects of local anesthetic, enabling patients to regain normal sensation after a dental procedure in about half the time! For more information on this new product, visit

  • Advanced Sterilization - All of our instruments and treatment areas meet or exceed the guidelines of OSHA and the American Dental Association for infection control. We completely sterilize all of our instruments. Whenever possible, we use disposable items. Please ask our clinical staff questions about our infection control procedures. We are very proud of the measures we take to protect your health as well as our own.

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