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Many patients experience tooth loss due to various reasons, but dental implants provide the opportunity for patients to regain a full smile. Whether one or multiple teeth are missing, adults and seniors can enjoy a full set of teeth again. A dental implant is like an artificial root. Once an implant is placed in the bone, a crown can be attached to the top of it. The implant itself is typically placed by a dental specialist like a periodontist or oral surgeon. Once the gums and bone heal from the implant placement surgery (typically 8-12 weeks), Dr. Blazer is able to attach a crown to the implant so easily that there is no need to be numb at this point! The crown that attaches to the implants is natural looking and functions just like a regular tooth.

Marcia Blazer, DDS, your Scottsdale dentist offers dental implant treatment to restore daily function of the teeth and jaws. We understand the discomfort patients experience when teeth are absent from the smile, and wish to provide dental implants as a solution. Call us to begin the dental implant treatment process, and see if this revolutionary procedure is right for you.

How do Dental Implants Replace Teeth?

Dental Implants in Scottsdale

Dental implant treatment helps individuals who have had teeth extracted due to trauma or decay, or have had teeth missing for some time. The implants themselves are titanium posts which are precisely placed into the jaw bone. They can be considered prosthetic tooth roots, for they fuse with existing tissue and provide long-lasting support for restorations. Dr. Blazer creates a custom implant treatment plan, ensuring patients receive tailored care.

The process of getting an implant requires several visits over a period of 8-12 weeks.

A dental image called a cone beam is typically used to determine the best location and position for an implant to be placed. Oftentimes, an implant can be placed the same day the broken or badly decayed tooth is extracted, making it a "one stage" surgery.

Once implants are placed, and the jaw bone heals, abutments are attached to the top of the posts. These abutments can be customized to accept a range of restorative options. The result is a uniform smile, a fully functional bite, and improved oral health. 

Dental Implants can Replace the Whole Smile

Patients can be missing a single tooth, or whole rows, and still receive dental implant treatment. Restorations options include crowns, bridges (partial dentures), and full dentures, depending on individual need. These are custom-made for each patient, matching the size, shade, and shape of your smile. Implant-supported restorations offer a permanent solution, rather than relying on suction or dental adhesives, making daily life and maintenance much easier. 

Are Dental Implants Right for Me? 

Successful dental implant placement relies on adequate jaw bone density for support. Dr. Blazer will examine the smile and ensure dental implants have the proper structure for implant placement. When teeth have been missing for some time, the jaw bone atrophies, reducing the amount of support available for treatment. Pre-operative procedures may be necessary to offset insufficient support, including bone grafting or sinus augmentation. 

After the examination, Dr. Blazer creates a strategy for patients to receive the implant placement and restorative care they need to successfully complete the smile. 

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