Testimonials for Scottsdale, AZ Dentist, Marcia Blazer, DDS


Well, I would give 6 stars if I could. I’m not so fond of having dental work done (who is, really?) because it can be uncomfortable, but my latest appointment for crown work was about as comfortable as I can be without being on my couch at home — I’ve had plenty of work done in the past, some of it under heavy sedation, but Dr. Blazer and the team really made this visit easy for me. Not only would I recommend Dr. Blazer, but I already have to 5 of my close friends and colleagues (and I’m not done!).


Dr. Blazer and her staff are very caring people. To have a doctor call you in the evening to see how you are doing is almost unhear of and I appreciated her concern.


I can always be sure Dr. Blazer will see me quickly when dental problems arise. Dr. Blazer and her entire staff provide prompt, friendly, caring, professional service. I highly recommend the services of Dr. Blazer and her dental office.


It’s easy to tell when someone loves what they do and knows their subject extremely well because it shows in everything from casual conversation to the resulting work they do. That is how I see Dr. Blazer and her employees. I’m one of those “fear of the doctor or dentist types”, but they are all excellent and making you comfortable — it’s because each of them genuinely care about the individual in the chair and want to make certain you are happy. I’m new to the area, but I will be going back. I already have a treatment plan and several visits scheduled. Funny, but I’m looking forward to it, and I can’t recall the last time I felt that way about a dental appointment!


It is always nice to come into the office and be acknowledged. Everyone knows my name and is familiar with me and says hello when I arrive. I never hate going to the dentist :) Even though it is a 30 minute drive now to get to the office (because I have a new job) it doesn’t even matter because I couldn’t be happier with my dentist and her ENTIRE staff.


Dr. Blazer and her staff were very professional during my visit a weeks ago. I had some acute discomfort and Dr. Blazer examined me and recommended a course of treatment. Within a week i was feeling much better. Dr. Blazer even called me a day after my exam to be certain I was doing Ok. I appreciate all Dr. Blazer and her staff did for me.


After dreading & waiting for months to go to the dentist, I was thoroughly impressed and glad that I chose Dr. Blazer! My husband said it was the first time he’s every seen me smiling as I walked out of the dentist. Amy (Hygenist) eased my concerns and worries, and Dr Blazer was equally wonderful! Thankful to have found this group!!!! Highly recommend.


AWESOME EXPERIENCE. We are new to the area and did not have a dentist here. I had a slight toothache and called this office and they got me in within 2 days. This is unheard of back in New York where we are from. If you are lucky enough to find a dentist taking new patients it is usually a month before you can get in. On the day of the appointment my slight tooth pain changed into this constant agonizing pain. They moved my appointment up and when I got their I only waited about 10 min before being called back. A quick x-ray then the doctor came into see me. She was very friendly and personal. It was decided I would need a route canal done. The staff made a call and got me right into another doctor around the corner for the procedure. Dr. Blazer walked me out explaining everything to me, she even came out and met my family (wife and daughter) and explained everything to them. The staff and the doctor were all very nice and easy going. This was one of my best dental experiences.


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