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When you need a dentist for your children, you want someone who is experienced with pediatric dental services and who understands children. As a mother herself, Dr. Marcia Blazer is a Scottsdale children’s dentist who has worked for years with children, caring for their dental needs, and helping her young patients feel comfortable during treatment.

When should a child start seeing a dentist?

Dr. Blazer believes in introducing children to dental care at a young age, and likes to start seeing new patients at around three years of age. For children who have older siblings, we start off by allowing the younger child to watch a big brother or sister have their teeth cleaned. Seeing the older siblings relaxed and comfortable while under the Dr. Blazer’s care is perfect for helping young children get comfortable with the idea of visiting the dentist.  On the first visit, sometimes our youngest patients simply go for a ride in the chair.  This helps little ones feel relaxed about seeing Dr. Blazer, and gets them used to the idea of having their teeth cleaned before their first real visit. Some children aren't quite ready at age three, but once they are, Dr. Blazer will give them a short but thorough oral health examination to check their smile for any problems. She also takes the time to provide parents with information about brushing techniques and the importance for keeping primary teeth healthy.

Why is the health of baby teeth important?

Baby teeth (also called primary or deciduous teeth) serve numerous important functions.  They impact speech development, self confidence, nutrition, adult oral health, and adult smiles.  Baby teeth also act as "place holders", making sure there is space and room for the eventual appearance of the adult teeth.  Some baby teeth will be in place until a child is 10-12 years of age, so maintaining them is very important!

The functions of primary teeth

Speech Development- Healthy and properly positioned primary teeth facilitate correct pronunciation and prevent the tongue from straying during speech formation.  
Nutrition-Severely decayed and/or malformed teeth can have a significant impact on a child's ability to eat.
Impact on Adult Oral Health-Badly decayed primary teeth can lead to a variety of problems with long term effect.  If childhood periodontal disease develops, bacteria can invade the gums, ligaments and eventually bone.  Left untreated, primary teeth can drop out entirely, causing health and spacing problems for emerging permanent teeth.  Children, with adult guidance, should develop a daily oral care routine.

Developing a positive environment for pediatric dental patients

Dr. Blazer and staff strive to help young dental patients feel relaxed, comfortable, and entertained, by providing age-appropriate movies, and mild sedation when necessary. At the end of every appointment, kids get to rummage through our huge treasure box of toys for a prize to take home, to end the experience on a fun note.

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Dr. Blazer is a highly experienced children’s dentist in Scottsdale who will care for your child’s oral health and general well-being. Please contact Dr. Blazer to learn more about how our pediatric services can make a difference with your child’s long-term oral health.



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Dr. Marcia Blazer's Pediatric Dentistry
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"Dr. Blazer and team are amazing from start to finish, i just recently started my 5 year old at this office, and i was amazed at how much they work with the kids. Prior to this we visited a pediatric dentist and it was much more difficult for my child to participate, this visit she was fully engaged and can't wait to go back. Great job everyone, i encourage people to become patients for their entire family."
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Marcia L Blazer DDS PC

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