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If you’ve made the decision to get dentures, it’s important to make sure that you’re picking the option that makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle. Thanks to modern dentistry, there are many options to choose from today. One popular option is dental implant supported dentures. Your Scottsdale Implant Dentist, Dr. Marcia Blazer, DDS, has more than 20 years of experience in denture work and can help you make an informed decision.

Dental implant supported dentures differ from traditional dentures in that they are supported by two or more implants.  This takes much of the pressure off of the gums, making them much more comfortable.  Additionally, since the parts in the denture snap in place to the implants in the jaw, the denture will be much more retentive than traditional dentures. Existing dentures may even be able to be retrofitted to attach to new implants in the jaw.  If there is enough bone in the jaw to support implants, they can be placed as easily as having a tooth removed.  Implants are more commonly placed in the lower jaw, since lower dentures tend to be less retentive than upper dentures.  While your denture options in Scottsdale may be many, implant supported dentures should be at the top of your list due to their effectiveness, natural appearance, and reconstructive abilities.  

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits associated with dental implant supported dentures. Aesthetically, this type of denture looks natural, and patients report increased self-esteem and confidence from showing off their new, glowing smile. In addition to an improved smile, dental implant supported dentures can improve facial structure, replacing lost tissue and restoring balance to your face, making you look years younger. Better yet, you will experience no speech impairments or diet limitations with your dental implant supported dentures- you can eat what you want and happily, and clearly, tell everyone about it.  

In addition, this type of denture is easy to maintain, as the parts that attach the denture to your jaw are easily replaceable as needed.  And you’ll live pain-free as the implants stop denture movement and protect your soft, sensitive gum tissue.

Contact Dr. Marcia Blazer today at 480-596-8273 to schedule a consultation with your Scottsdale Implant Dentist. She will review your denture options with you, ensuring the perfect fit for you. 

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One study showed that electric toothbrushes which rotate in one direction and then the other (called rotational oscillation toothbrushes) were more effective than other electric or manual toothbrush types.  But that study was for the dental research geeks like me!

A manual toothbrush can do just as well as an electric one.   You can simulate the movement of an electric toothbrush by brushing in small circles with the bristles aimed towards the gum tissue. However, since an electric toothbrush oscillates more quickly, you need to brush longer with a regular toothbrush to get the same effect.
The bottom line is whatever you prefer to use, electric or manual, it matters less what you use and more that you use it regularly and properly. ;For more information on proper brushing tips, click here.

And if you're ready to make an appointment, please call us at 480-596-8273 today!

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Dr. Blazer’s Advice to Parents for trips to the dentist

   I am a family dentist, and I treat a lot of children in my practice.  Unlike most pediatric dentists, who typically won’t allow a parent to accompany the child into the treatment area, I encourage parents to come back with their child.  I want parents to see the steps we take (which, by the way, we use for adults too) to make the dental appointment stress and pain free.

   Unfortunately,  I’m confronted daily with well-meaning parents who unknowingly do all the wrong things to prepare their child for a dental visit.  With that in mind, I would like to give some suggestions on how to prepare your child for a dental visit.

Rule #1:  Do not discuss with your child what you think they will experience at the dental visit.  Your prejudices will show through no matter how much you try to hide it.  Let us do it, we will do it better!

Rule #2:  Schedule your appointment for a time when you think your child will have the most patience and give them a healthy snack before the appointment.    You know your own child.  Hungry and tired children are less cooperative for mom and dad, why would you expect them to be better for me?  I have a fridge with healthy drinks and snacks in my waiting room and patients are welcome to help themselves when they arrive.

Rule #3:  If you think you are not going to be able to handle seeing your child have dental treatment done, don’t come back into the treatment area.   We will take good care of him and come out to update you periodically during the procedure.  I have had to quickly pull a child out of the dental chair to get his dad to lie down before he passed out from watching me remove a tooth on his son!  By the way, his son was most upset about me interrupting the movie he was watching!

Rule #4:  Never talk about your negative dental visits you may have experienced in the past, especially during your child’s dental visit!  Dentistry has changed a lot since you were a kid.  Don’t pass your prejudices onto your child!

Rule #5:  Never use “going to the dentist” as a threat.  Believe it or not, I’ve had parents tell their children to behave or they were going to make me give him a shot!   I’ve had parents tell the child if they don’t brush their teeth, the dentist was going to hurt them.  How am I to gain your child’s trust if he hears comments like that from you?

Finally, I would tell you to take the time to talk to your dentist about your own fears.  Perhaps watching your child have a positive dental experience might just convince you to get back in the dental chair!  Checkout my Google Plus reviews from patients, many of them initially fearful and now appreciative of the care they’ve received. 

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Top 10 reasons to go the dentist:

Visit your Scottsdale Dentist, Dr. Marcia Blazer
1 -It’s the perfect place to count ceiling tiles.

2 -You get a free toothbrush and floss in a goodie bag!

3 -It’s important for the teeth to be flossed twice a year, whether they need it or not.

4 -You get an excuse to sit and read fun magazines like People or watch a movie in the middle of the day.

5 -You get to be “in the spotlight” for about an hour!

6 -You get to miss work or school and everyone is sympathetic when you come back numb!

7 -You have an excuse to talk funny!

8 -You get to stick out your tongue and not be considered rude!

9 -Drooling is perfectly acceptable and a sign of good health.

10 -You get to try to respond to questions with your mouth open.

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Many of my patients have insurance through their employer, but few really understand the workings of their plan. Oftentimes, the insurance card comes with a booklet, pages long, with small print, explaining the plan benefits. While the booklet is guaranteed to be less complicated than the booklet that came with your cell phone, it still can be intimidating.

I've attached a link to a website that I researched that had a good general discussion about dental insurance. My office accepts all insurance plans. Additionally, my office staff is wonderful about helping patients get the most out of their dental insurance benefits; they are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are thinking you may want to become a patient in my office, be sure that your insurance allows you to go to any dental office, rather than restricting you to a limited list of providers. 

Most plans renew every calendar year, with maximums that, if not used, go away. For patients with unmet dental needs, that’s leaving money on the table!

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